Brendan Dooley | Speaking Engagements

From Harewood To Hollywood

At only 23 years of age, Brendan Dooley is living his dreams working as an entertainer, despite facing major challenges throughout his teenage years.

Sharing his experiences on stage and off stage, Brendan’s keynote presentation tells the story of overcoming adversity and shows how with the right attitude and determination you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Keynote Description

Titled “From Harewood to Hollywood” this 45-60 minute keynote presentation shares Brendan’s roller coaster of a journey from growing up in Harewood, Christchurch to headlining stages internationally including Hollywood, California. Combining his knowledge from what he has learnt on and off stage along with some magic on the way, Brendan shares what has happened in his life behind the curtain with the adversity he faced.

Within this presentation, Brendan shares how he and you can deal with adversity, the importance of choices and the understanding of influence.

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